What's happening now?

So we are all social distancing and not going out much and some folk are in lockdown.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult times any of us have had to face.

Perhaps more than ever we are faced with our own thoughts and fears. Our usual distractions are not available anymore, but there are things to see and to do.

I feel that this year, after all the floods and rain is turning into one of the most beautiful springs I can remember. Now we can take the time to appreciate each uncurling leaf and the flight of the small birds building their nests.

Meditating and concentrating on our breathing can be calming and can help us bring those fears into focus but then allow them to pass.

Imagine. if you can , an enormous deck of lights like air traffic control. Lights are pinging on and off all the time and all over the place. You have no idea what's going on. Welcome to your brain!

By learning to concentrate on just the little things it's like one by one we can control the lights and as we practice more and more lights come under our conscious control.

So keep safe and follow your lights! Liz



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