Are you anxious?

July 27, 2018


 We are meant to be anxious. After all our ancestors were the ones who ran away and didn't get eaten by the sabre toothed tigers and have sensibly passed this on in our genes. But the degree of anxiety that seems to be around now is, I think, because we are surrounded by so much to be afraid of. It comes at us from our TVs and tablets and mobile phones and we don't really get a day off from it. 

 Some years ago we went to Arizona in the USA, in August. Hot isn't the word! On arrival we were given a sheet of 10 things that could kill us.It covered everything from rattlesnakes to the awful Gila monster( a type of lizard). There were even cacti that could attach themselves to you and suck the liquid from your body.

Anxiety abounds about these creatures and plants but actually leaving children or adults in a hot car is probably one of the commonest ways to end life, as is just being involved in a car accident.These should have been on the list, but our anxiety perceptions  are much more attuned to the rattlesnake or the Gila monster. A ranger who took us into the desert had never seen a live Gila monster in the whole of his life living in Arizona. My husband saw one on our second day there! Go figure as the Americans say.


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